Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Practice + Determination + Time = Progress

The sketchbook I started in November 2010 during my first ISCA was officially filled up on Jan 6, 2011! YAY!! I can't completley describe how it feels to fill up a sketchbook and NEEDING to buy a new one because of such immense inspiration. = )
Lets just say, I'm a happy girl =)

Not to mention, I filled it up just in time to get a new one a couple of days before I left for Cripple Con 4 in Texas ( Will touch more on that in another post)

This is my new favorite type of sketchbook (besides my pocket watercolor sketchbook). I can do all kinds of sketches on this paper, including watercolor, which is one of my top favorite mediums.

Most of the pages have been filled up with mostly casino gesture sketches, and pen sketches from Mark Simons Facial Expressions photo reference book.

My first gesture drawing in the sketchbook was done with a uniball pen, (which is an old one I had lying around, and now I can't seem to find it anywhere, and it's become one of my favorite sketching pens.)
During the ISCA that was here in Vegas in November 2010, I wasn't able to attend every day or compete. My boss bought 2 guest passes, that myself and the other girls at the stand traded on days we were sheduled off etc.

I remember I did this drawing on wednesday Nov 10th, because it was the day Stephen Silver had a seminar talking about his character designs. His seminar REALLY motivated me, as he always does =)

And as you can see, I wrote some notes to myself in the margins as I was drawing, and I've done it ever since. Amazing to think how little notes to yourself while your drawing, can REALLY influence you later on.

I'm not going to share every single gesture drawing I did, so I've selected just a few; ones that I think show progress in learning how to capture gesture/shape/form and even personality in just a few quick strokes.

I'm not always good at these, and they aren't really meant to be perfect. One thing I feel I've really learned from doing gesture drawings, is that I observe better. Which has helped so much in retail caricature. Observing better and quicker can really make or break a fast AND great caricature. Cuz lets face it: we love it when it's both fast and great. I know I continually try to strive for that.

There are so many lovely shaped people in the world, and I don't think I ever really took the time to notice that....until I started gesture drawing.....wierd but true....

Heres another casino sketch

(done with just a regular blue ballpoint pen)

Another great way to practice, is using Mark Simon's Facial Expressions book. This book is packed with many different angles of peoples faces, with numerous expressions that are soooo much fun and challenging to draw. =)

This is what really got me hooked on these pen sketches (like you see at the left).

Currently, I'm sorta teaching myself how to do cross-hatch shading in caricature. I can't seem to find any good book or you tube videos(that AREN'T sped up) that give good lessons on pen cross-hatch shading. So I'm just learning as I go, really.

Buy Mark Simon's "Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference For Artists
This one has 20 year olds to a really wrinkly 80 something lady.

You can also purchase a book by Mark that has reference of Babies & Toddlers to Teens, which I def plan on getting!

Buy Mark Simon's "Facial Expressions Babies to Teens: A Visual Reference For Artists

I conclude this post with one final sketchbook piece

( And I should clarify, that when I do the pen sketches from Marks book(s), I don't do any pre-sketches with pencil or anything that can be erased. I do a light pre sketch of overal shapes with the pen, and get darker and make changes as I go - I believe this also helps me in the observing process. Plus it's a challenge, and I LOVE a challenge = )

= ) Peace Love and Paintbrushes

I love the way pen looks and feels on this paper, and as you can see I've been doing a lot of drawing : )

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