Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey ya'll!

Sometimes I get creative with my clothes. Sometimes it's with clothes I already have, that I just want to vamp up a little (and make them feel brand new). And on a few occasions, I bought a couple shirts, and knew instantly what I wanted to do to them to make them prettier :) And what's prettier than GLITTER!!!! OOh Sparklies!!! Seriously tho..Glitter really can vamp things up quite a bit.

Example. I was shopping at Ross Clothing store about a year ago or more, and spotted this beautiful Butterfly drapey shirt. Immediately I thought, awww that would be even prettier with some glitter on it! Seriously it was kinda dull. And being that I love vibrant colors...and well....vibrancy or POW all together...I thought....Hey! I can buy it and ADD some glitter. So I did. I also had recently purchased a huge 24 pack of Martha Stewart glitter glue at Dick Blick Art supplies, and hadn't had a chance to use them yet so...VoilĂ !

In the picture below, you can see the right half of the shirt is shiny, and the left is not. The whole butterfly was like the left side....just... dull...Blah...Meh. So I had just Finished the Right side in this pic. And although the gems in the center are nice, (they were already there) it kinda made me feel like... did they get tired or bored putting these gems on? Because if you look closely, the right sides gems go farther out, and almost completely around the first two butterfly shapes on the wing. Weird. I'll probably add some of those later, but it needed some shine immediately.

Below is a picture of the glitter glue I used. I just used what I thought best matched the color tones of the aqua and the gold. I wrapped the shirt tight around a piece of cardboard I had in my studio. The colors I used here are:  Turquoise for the darkest aqua, and Aquamarine for the lighter areas of the hue (where it fades). For the golden colors I used Yellow Barite for the bright Golden area, and Florentine Gold for the faded gold. I squirted out a bit onto a watercolor tray, and used a paint brush to brush on the glitter the way I liked, and blended the two colors where they met. You have to be careful NOT to allow the glitter to dry in your brush though. Rinse it in water after each application of the glitter glue to the shirt. Or you'll ruin your brush. Once you're finished, make sure you wash your brush thoroughly with  dish soap and warm water.  
As you can see in the picture below, it came out really nice! Very shiny! The day I wore it, I matched my eye makeup to the colors.
And here's the very unfortunate yet funny part. I was doing laundry weeks after doing this...I forgot about the glitter on it (Shame on me) and washed it. :( And....the glitter was completely gone. :( So now I have to do it all over again. lol. Waste of glitter, but it'll be fun to do again. And this time I am going to try ironing it...see if that makes it stay? If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.
Hope you enjoyed! Peace, Love, Coffee, and Paintbrushes!!