Saturday, December 26, 2009

8 year old Mermaid-princess

So, I went to the post office across the street from my house to mail the "Naked enchilada and pineapple princess mermaid" caricatures(go past the last posts to view the caricature) a few weeks ago. And when the mail lady saw it....she ordered one of her daughter. Now, Sarh knows me well from all the shipment I sent years ago when I was a military wife and I used to send my husband many boxes overseas, so ya...she knows me. So anyways...

Heres her daughter logan.....

And here's the caricature....

Flight Attendant Caricature

Another caricature through my e-mail. This guy lives in London, UK, and I guess a friend of a friend of a friend that was in vegas who had a caricature done by me, gave him my card. So this is his girlfriend, and he wanted a flight attendant style, similar to a picture he saw in a dr.s office. Soooo...

Heres his girlfriend.

Here is the drawing the guy sent me to go by. (I changed it a little when I drew it)

And here is what I came up with....

Caricature through e-mail

Okay, so I drew this lady Kristi and her "other half" Randy, back in september, and I gave them my business card. They were a great couple! So then, I get an e-mail from her, saying she wants me to draw TWO original caricatures in a "different" style. Apparently, he likes to make her Enchilada's at 4am, and she gets to sit in his office chair with a perfect view of his "perfect" behind. However, she loves mermaids, and he calls her his "pineapple princess. Soooo....this is what I came up with....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christina Aguilara

This was actually my first attempt at Christina Aguilara. Came out ok I think. I wasn't really going for exaggeration. More just her overall likeness. I'll exaggerate her at a later date.

Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson & Paris Hilton

To continue my last blog about getting better, this is one of my more recent celebrity choices. I really like drawing Nichole Richie too. She has such depth in her face, and seriously begs to be drawn most of the time. With her droopy doe eyes, and the fun shape of her mouth...I can't help it. I've drawn her a couple times before, but they weren't that great. But I really like this one :)

Jessica Simpson has a great face as well, and here is my version...

This next one was done a while before that Angelina one I did. Again, I had tried to Draw Paris before, and didn't like them, but I like this one. (I've done a more recent one, but not really exaggerated, and I haven't taken a pic of it yet..will soon tho!)

Letting go...and Angelina Jolie

I've been a Caricature artist now for almost 2 years, and I'm "letting go" and experimenting a little bit more everyday. Thus, my caricatures are getting better every day that I let go a little bit more. I exaggerated quite a bit tonight, and people loved them all. Unfortunatley, I did not take any pics tonight. Grrr...Oh well.

Sometimes it's hard for me to loosen up, because well...I worry about the customers reaction. Sometimes I care tooooooo much about hurting the customers feelings....and yes, yes I know...being a caricature artist I really need to develop thicker skin. So far it all seems to be going ok.

So I'm going to post some of my best, but these were done a few months ago. I have to say that Joe bluhm is my inspiration. When I started working as a caricaturist in April of 2008, a great artist that was one of my co-workers at the time( sadly he doesn't work there anymore) showed me Joe Bluhms "Rejects" book. Funny, my co-workers name was joe too, and I guess Joe got the book at a signing event or something, and joe bluhm drew a quick caricature of my friend joe in the book. SO AWESOME! So this is when I began getting inspired, however I was still learning how to be comfortable with the marker, so I wasn't even thinking of trying his style out.

It is now over a year and a half later.....and while I have in no way mastered the damn marker...I am quicker and more confident in my strokes. However, I have to agree with Mr. Bluhm. It gets soooooooo boring doing the "cute" "generic" "average" and overall "plain" caricatures day after day. So I started playin around earlier this year.

When I started exaggerating a little, my first "victims" were brad and angelina. Seriously, you know they have awesome faces. I don't know where my first ones are but, here is my most exaggerated Angelina a la' Joe Bluhm Style (which I'm no where near as great, but...I'm trying

I think this is my favorite of all my pieces because it's my first real exaggerated celebrity that still LOOKS like the celebrity. :) Makes me proud of myself, considering how my first few drawings were!!! lol