Wednesday, July 24, 2013

     Wooooo! It has been a long time yet again, since I have blogged. Obviously, since I had no idea my pictures weren't showing up.. hmmm.... Could be because my computer crashed, and doesn't know where to locate my photo's I've used. It may take me some time to go through it all and figure out what the deal is, so your patience is appreciated.
     Update: I'm still working as a Caricature Artist/Manager at Cartoon Vegas, which is located on level 108 of the Stratosphere Tower, in Las Vegas NV. I am still obsessed with color and coffee. Also, still working out the kinks of my website Hopefully, pretty soon I'll have some prints available as I have kept promising. Life just seems to be getting in the way, every time I make plans. : ) But isn't that the story with all of us? You set aside moolah for something and BAM! The car air conditioning needs fixed, or your dogs teeth need to be pulled. Oh the joys of being an adult. And we soo couldn't wait to grow up, right? :)
     So basically, just been trying to multi-task and balance every day stuff and mostly just concentrating on making art.  I've been challenging myself to change my style of live caricature to more cartoony and witty and FAST! It's a day to day struggle, cuz it's always hard to break out of a familiar routine. But I know the outcome will be more rewarding :) I started painting again in Acrylics. Funny, I used to hate acrylics. so much :) Thing is...I have so many ideas all the time, that my studio is littered with post-it notes. Seriously. They are everywhere. I even have a sticky-note app on my phone, to jot down ideas. Got back into my poetry. I've been a closet poet since I was a little kid. Only those closest to me have seen, and/or heard my poetry. Lot's of other stuff in the works, but may be a while before you see. I have 3 or 4 book ideas in the works. Still working on getting my Greeting Cards up and going, and came up with some other product idea's I'm looking forward to presenting.
For now, that's my update. Here are a few pics of some recent art making endeavors.

This is a piece that will be available as a print. Not sure when, as it's in colored pencil (with some maker here and there), and I don't really have a set "color scheme" and it's taking some time to blend all the colors. I'm allowing the colors to just flow... which is kind of how this piece started. :) Will let you know when I'll have prints. Original is 11½" by 16".


 My latest self caricature. And yes I exaggerated a lot. It's super fun. Why not? This was my morning warm up a few weeks ago.

Todays society makes skinny seem like the only sexy. When I get ladies that have a little more to them, and ask me to make them pretty and sexy, It angers me that Society, the media, TV shows, etc. make it seem like skinny is the only pretty!!!  Ladies: CURVES ARE PRETTY! CURVES ARE SEXY!   Don't conform to what the world wants or portrays as "acceptable beauty". Remember, YOU are the only You there is. And YOU are beautiful.  So...I drew a sexy curvy lady. oooh laa la. Eat your heart out Media and paparazzi. RAWR!

I love drawing from life. And I have loved it since I started going to life drawing classes at the Arts Factory several years ago. There is a sandwich shop right next to the Cartoon Vegas stand, and I like to draw people while they're sitting, standing, and sometimes I get good ideas when they walk by. Stephen Silvers books have a lot of influence on my life doodles. I try to focus more on the motion and action. It helps me to loosen up, especially if my work is feeling stiff.

That's all for now! TaTa!
Peace, Love, Paintbrushes...and Coffee of course!