Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson & Paris Hilton

To continue my last blog about getting better, this is one of my more recent celebrity choices. I really like drawing Nichole Richie too. She has such depth in her face, and seriously begs to be drawn most of the time. With her droopy doe eyes, and the fun shape of her mouth...I can't help it. I've drawn her a couple times before, but they weren't that great. But I really like this one :)

Jessica Simpson has a great face as well, and here is my version...

This next one was done a while before that Angelina one I did. Again, I had tried to Draw Paris before, and didn't like them, but I like this one. (I've done a more recent one, but not really exaggerated, and I haven't taken a pic of it yet..will soon tho!)

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