Friday, December 10, 2010

Making Progress....reflecting

In the past 2/3 months since I last posted, alot has changed. I like to consider myself humble. Humble as an artist, a woman, and person. Since I consider myself pretty humble, I'm hoping my thoughts don't get portrayed as conceited or arrogant. If so oh well... I've seen a HUGE change in my art over the last few weeks. Seeing myself grow is amazing to me. (This is what I don't want misconstrued) Being able to look back at my old sketchbooks from years ago, or even caricatures I just did last year...and seeing the changes that have happened to me...still amaze me....and I think "Wow..I can't believe I did that.." .....but I still try to always remain humble. Confidence should never be confused with arrogance (or cockiness).

Time. Every artists love and enemy at the same time. In the [time] of these last few months that I have SHAMEFULLY have not blogged, alot of growing has been going on with me. I analyze my art alot (but then again, don't ALL artists?) I know I tend to over judge myself ALOT...But I think I've learned to do it the proper way. Or at least I feel like
I'm learning how to.

Maybe I should clarify some things before I continue to ramble on and on....

My last post was in October. I went to my first Caricature Convention EVER in November. The ISCA is now one of my favorite places to be... in so many more ways than I could describe. Even tho its only been about a month since the con, I'm still feeling the side effects.

Being in a large ball room with other artists, other crazy-like-minded-goofy humored-wierd-nerdy-art-people made me feel more at Home than I've ever felt. I felt like I belonged. I'm not saying I never felt like I belonged to anything, but I don't know how else to explain it. Even tho I had never been to an ISCA con, I felt like I KNEW these people. I KNEW this place. I KNEW what was going on.. Home. : ) A place of comfort and completely content. ..Ah whatever, you get what I'm saying ( yes you- my 6 followers..haha)

(If you'd like to see more photo's from this years 2010 ISCA Convention, add me on Facebook!
and check out my ISCA album!!! )

So I've walked away from the con with a new outlook. Fresh. Daring. Creative. Exciting. A blank canvas, so to speak :)

I've been doodling alot more, on a daily basis. For Instance, I draw on all of my breaks at work. (And I went and sat at a Starbucks in Barnes and Noble for a few hours the other day..More on that later) And I don't just draw. I've been drawing what I observe. For ME that is a huge challenge, because before the con, for some reason....I gave up waaay too easily when I'd start drawing an observation. No MORE! Casinos have some really....odd and awesome people wandering around aimlessly. Big people, small people, wierd looking people, beautiful people, fake looking people.....old people, young people, and oh yeah...LOTS OF DRUNK PEOPLE!!!

So my next postings in the coming few days will be some of my "casino observations"....

Heres a sneak peek a just one of my many casino doodlings. This one I added watercolor to when I got home.

Peace Love and Paintbrushes,
Amanda Nikki

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