Saturday, June 12, 2010

Practice Body from Magazine

So heres some new/old art that I've been promising. When I'm at work, it can get pretty slow sometimes. Especially in the winter time....and ever since the economy took a huge canonball down the crapper. So, between drawing customers, I'll either draw caricatures from magazine photo's, made up people from my imagination, or I just doodle random stuff in my sketchbook.

  1. I did this cartoon from a magazine photo. Most people know who Ice-T is right? For those who don't, he plays Detective Tutuolla on Law and Order SVU. There was a photo of his wife Coco in one of the celebrity magazines we keep at the stand, and well....I couldn't resist drawing her. I was actually a pretty small photo, but the contours of her body just begged to be drawn. And I'm always trying to improve my cartoon bodies.

Rough sketch with Blue Col-Erase

Finished with Black Faber Castell Fine Tip Pitt Pen.

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