Sunday, June 6, 2010

OOPs! No blogs for 6 months. WOW!

I know I know, Its been forever since I've posted. Six months. Thats terrible of me. Alot has happended in this time frame. January, I was made manager of the caricature stand, and we've had two new artists come in and go already, in a matter of 2 months. My mom had a massive heart attack on Super bowl sunday in February, and that was pretty nerve wracking. Tielman (The previous manager) hired and sent me a new girl, who has shown so much development in the past few months, its been mind boggling. Its amazing how fast she's picked things up.

In other news, I've been taking lots of pictures of my caricatures through out the work day, and I have to say I feel like I'm expanding more. I got a new sketchbook a while back, and I also purchased some faber castell brush pens from Dick blick around the same time. They had a big display of like every color you could think of...and well...I went a little crazy and bought almost every color. I can't resist color...and well..I have an unbelievably hard time resisting art supply store. Go figure, right?

Anhoo, In my next posts I will put up some of my latest caricatures.

Till next time.

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