Thursday, December 15, 2011

Practice techniques

So... Been swamped with commissions since October. Which is wonderful in many ways. For one, I LOVE being busy doing the work I love, plus there are so many different styles and mediums on these commissions, that it's a refreshing process.. Switching from art stix caricatures, to a watercolor caricature, to oil, etc is a big help in refreshing my eyes and my art brain/imagination. This is alot like my daily practice routine.

I'll let you in on a few of my "warm up" secrets that I use daily, to inspire me and get me going :)

When I get to the Caricature stand in the morning, (not complete without my Starbucks of course), I start by doing just random lines, squiggles, circles and all kinds of shapes on the paper. I always try to start out super fast, but sometimes I can be in a funk and not really want to go fast. This is where I "force" myself to think about drawing fast. Many times in the past, when getting to the stand, I'll have people already wanting a drawing before I can barely set my art bags down, or turn the lights on. In this case, I don't get to warm up like I like to, but lately that's been working out OK :) haha.. Forcing yourself and staying determined to stick with a certain "practice" or style of practice, can create a wonderful habit that you can get used to.

Another way I've been practicing lately, and encouraging the girls at the stand to do, is Memory  drawings. I've seen some of my favorite artists, such as Brian Oakes,  post things like this on facebook, and thought it was a great way to stimulate one's artist imagination. ( I used to draw "Casino" people all the time on my breaks, but Strat management has a new break area for employee's now, so I don't take the time to sit and draw in the casino. )

This guy was sitting at the roulette table about a week ago, when I was coming back from Starbucks. The top part of his head was straight across, completely flat! And you could tell he didn't have any teeth in. I knew immediately that I wanted draw him.  I don't take pictures of the memory drawing subjects, as that would defeat the purpose of it being a "memory drawing". lol. It's really fun to try to focus on the image in your brain, and do exactly what you vision on the paper, without any reference other than your brain :)

I saw this lady in the elevator a few months ago, when I was training the new girl Tami. I was trying hard to be subtle about staring at her. Elevators are small areas, and people know when you're staring at them. lol.. This lady was Japanese, and ALSO had no teeth in. Not purposely seeking out old people with no teeth. Just a happy coincidence.

This guy I saw in passing from Starbucks again, the other day. He was a total pear shape.

 So draw from memory. It's fun, and good practice both for the hand, as well as the imagination. Try to draw people that you saw just at a glance. :)

Peace Love and Paintbrushes xoxox
Amanda Nikki

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